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Version | 1.4.9

Size | 40 MB


However, in this article, I will be telling you about an adult version of TikTok called TikTok 18. This is a modified version of TikTok made exclusively for adult users. Like the official TikTok, its interface is the same, but on this platform, you will find explicit content. If you want more information about this app, stay with us, and I will tell you everything you need to know, including how to download and install it on your device.

About TikTok 18+ Apk

1.4.9 (★★★★★)

TikTok 18 is a distinct app from the regular TikTok, each created by different developers. Essentially, you can consider TikTok 18 as the adult version of TikTok, exclusively intended for adults. Within TikTok 18, you’ll find sensual and romantic content crafted by creators from around the world. This content is not suitable for users under the age of 18, so please only download this app if you are an adult.

The most appealing aspect of this app is that you don’t need to log in or sign up, meaning you don’t have to divulge personal information to use it. However, if you aspire to become a creator on TikTok 18, you will need to log in to the app to continue. As a creator, you also have the option to share your social media profiles within the app so that people can identify you and follow you on other social media platforms.

TikTok 18 plus App can be seen as the mature counterpart to TikTok, presenting an array of adult-oriented functionalities. It’s available without cost or in-app purchases, ensuring unfettered entry for all users. The app features billions of sensual and intimate videos that are both viewable and downloadable.

  • Unlimited Video
  • No Ads
  • Beautiful UI
Star Ratings

TikTok Adult Version- Official IWantU App

Allow me to introduce you to an app crafted by the creative minds at TikTok18app.net. Due to certain circumstances, we’ve decided to rebrand it as the IWantU App. Don’t let the name change confuse you; both apps are essentially identical, sharing the same user-friendly interface as TikTok 18 Plus. The only distinction lies in the name and logo. Rest assured; you can indulge in sensual content on either app.

In the TikTok 18 app, you’ll enjoy bite-sized videos lasting 15-20 seconds, optimizing your time while offering a diverse range of content. Experience a variety of content in less time compared to lengthy videos, because, personally, I believe that shorter videos are more entertaining than their lengthy counterparts.

Features of TikTok 18 Plus APK

No Sign-up Required

Exactly! One of the notable benefits of this application is the absence of any obligatory sign-up or necessity to disclose personal identity particulars for video enjoyment. Following installation, the app will initiate automatically, granting you seamless access to delve into your preferred content without any complications. Delight in the independence to explore and immerse yourself in the content of your preference, all without the need for a registration procedure or divulging personal details.

Adult Content

You’ll be granted entry to exclusive plus content on TikTok 18+ without the necessity for a subscription arrangement or supplementary charges. This plus content encompasses an assortment of superior videos that furnish an augmented and specialized viewing encounter. Revel in these premium videos at no cost, granting you the opportunity to explore an array of top-notch, exclusive content that remains inaccessible on the standard TikTok platform. Through TikTok 18+, you can partake in the plus content and unlock a realm of captivating and premium videos, all without the imposition of subscription fees.

Upload Content

Now, you have the opportunity to upload your own content for free and share it with users from all around the world. This platform allows you to freely showcase your creativity and share your videos with a global audience. By uploading content, you can engage with other users, gain followers, and contribute to the diverse collection of videos available on the app. Enjoy the freedom of expression and connect with users from various corners of the globe, all while providing your content to others free of charge.

High-Quality Videos

Experience the pleasure of wYou will have access to exclusive plus content on TikTok 18+ without the need for any subscription plan or additional cost. This plus content offers a selection of premium videos that provide an enhanced and specialized viewing experience. Enjoy these premium videos free of charge, allowing you to explore a range of high-quality, exclusive content that is not available on regular TikTok. With TikTok 18+, you can indulge in the plus content and unlock a world of captivating and premium videos without any subscription fees.


Here, you can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming without the annoyance of intrusive ads. TikTok 18+ ensures a seamless viewing experience by eliminating any disruptive ads that may interrupt your video playback. Say goodbye to those annoying interruptions and immerse yourself in a smooth and uninterrupted streaming session. With TikTok 18+, you can focus solely on enjoying the content without any distractions from unwanted advertisements.

Plus Content

Users can access exclusive plus content on TikTok 18+ without the requirement for a subscription plan or any additional expenses. This plus content provides a curated assortment of premium videos, enriching the viewing experience with specialized content. Enjoy these premium videos at no cost, enabling you to discover a diverse collection of high-quality, exclusive material that remains inaccessible on the standard TikTok platform. Utilizing TikTok 18+, you can immerse yourself in the plus content and open the door to a realm of enthralling and premium videos without incurring any subscription fees.

Download Videos

App users enjoy the convenience of downloading a variety of videos based on their preferences. Once downloaded, these videos can be readily accessed and viewed at a later time, even without an active internet connection.

Be a Creator

You also have the chance to assume the role of a content creator on TikTok 18+ and contribute your own videos to the community. By uploading your content, you can accumulate views and likes, possibly leading to recognition on this social platform. Select your desired category or niche, produce captivating and thrilling videos, and display your skills and creativity to the TikTok 18+ audience. Partake in the community of creators, express your individuality, and seize the opportunity to cultivate a following and gain acknowledgment within this dynamic social network.

More Stickers and Filters

The incorporation of stickers and filters injects vibrancy and dynamism into your videos, infusing them with vitality. TikTok 18+ presents an extensive array of over 100 stickers and a multitude of beauty filters, enabling you to elevate and refine your videos. Whether you seek to infuse playful and imaginative elements or enhance your visual appeal using beauty filters, these attributes are readily available. As a content creator, you’ll be equipped with specialized tools tailored to enhance the quality of your videos.

Low Space Utilization

TikTok 18+ is meticulously crafted to optimize space usage, requiring only a modest amount of storage on your device. Occupying just 40 MB, the app is designed to have a minimal impact on your device’s storage capacity. You can be confident that TikTok 18+ will adhere to this specified size, ensuring a worry-free experience devoid of excessive storage consumption. By maintaining a compact profile, TikTok 18+ guarantees that you’ll retain ample space on your device for other applications, files, and multimedia content.

Additional Features

  • Beyond the functionalities of standard TikTok, TikTok 18 Plus elevates the experience by furnishing users with heightened engagement through likes, comments, and shares. Anchored by a dedicated user community and a concentration on adult-oriented content, TikTok 18+ presents the prospect of garnering amplified likes, comments, and shares on your videos.

  • Certainly, it’s crucial to acknowledge that TikTok 18+ rigorously upholds an age restriction policy. To engage with and utilize this application, you must be 18 years old or above. The app is explicitly tailored for adults, and it prohibits access for individuals who fall below the designated age threshold.

  • TikTok 18+ is recognized for hosting explicit and sensual content that could be categorized as intense or oriented toward adult audiences. It’s important for users to understand that this application features content designed for mature audiences and might not be appropriate for all individuals.

  • Users of Tik Tok 18+ can conveniently share any video they find appealing to a variety of social media platforms. Whether it’s a captivating video that captures your interest or content you’d like to share with your friends, you can effortlessly distribute videos from TikTok 18+ to platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other similar platforms.

How to Download and Install TikTok 18 Plus Apk?

First of all download the TikTok 18 app from the link given below in this article

After downloading the apk go to the Settings>Privacy>Allow all the sources

Navigate to your file manager where you’ve downloaded the apk.

Click on the install button

Wait until your installation gets completed

Click on the open button after the installation gets completed

That’s it you have successfully downloaded and installed the Tiktok 18+ Apk

Details of TikTok 18+ Apk

NameTikTok 18 Plus APK
Size40 MB
Mod FeatureNo Ads


TikTok 18 is a popular app with exciting adult content. It’s important to make sure kids can’t access it. You can share your videos with friends or a bigger audience on other apps. You can also become a content creator and make cool videos that people all around the world can see. Create your own videos and get your followers excited for what you’ll make next!


The application is intended for adults and teenagers who are approaching maturity. It contains explicit videos with sexual connotations. We strongly advise against children using this platform. This is precisely why TikTok 18+ was created.

If the app’s intended age limit is 18 years and older, it’s concerning that individuals as young as 15 are able to access its content without issue. This suggests a potential oversight in the app’s age verification process, which may undermine the app’s intended audience and content appropriateness. It’s crucial for platforms with age restrictions to have robust and accurate age verification mechanisms to ensure that younger users are not exposed to content that is not suitable for their age group. If you’re concerned about this situation, it might be important to bring it to the attention of the app’s developers or administrators to address the issue appropriately.

Certainly, if you’re obtaining the app from a reputable and official source, it’s likely safe to download. However, it’s always a good practice to exercise caution when downloading any application, especially if it’s not from an official app store like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you’re confident in the legitimacy of the website and the app’s source, you can proceed with the download. Remember to ensure that your device’s security settings allow installations from third-party sources before downloading and installing the app.

While watching a video, you’ll discover the option to download it on the right-hand side of the screen. This feature enables you to save the video for offline viewing at your convenience.

Absolutely! You have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and take on the role of a content creator. Craft your own videos and share them on your profile, allowing you to showcase your unique perspective and talents.